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commercial x-ray analysis services, AFM, materials analysis, scanning probe micrpscopy
Small angle x-ray scattering from a long-chain silver-based acid structure. Well defined diffraction rings can be used to determine the long spacing of the structure. The ratio between the position of the rings can be used to determine the symmetry of the structure in nanostructures including biological materials.
commercial x-ray analysis services, xrd, materials analysis, scanning probe microscopy
Pole figure texture graph from a rolled metal sheet using x-ray diffraction. Texture analysis can be used to determine the relative distribution of grain orientations in the structure, which have been shown to have a strong impact in the mechanic, thermal and electronic properties of materials.

Prairie Nanotechnology offers a wide variety of x-ray analysis services for materials characterization, covering a wide variety of applications and industries.

  • Identification and quantification of of materials and compounds, including separation of various similar phases and polymorphs (such as Fe2O3 and Fe3O4 in iron oxide, or rutile and anatase phases in titanium oxides, for instance).

  • Quantification of percentile composition of mixture and phases in complex mixtures.

  • Crystalline phase identification and structure determination in a variety of materials ranging from metals, semiconductors to complex bio and nanostructures.

  • Determination of strain, composition and crystalline lattice distortion in general thin film applications (such as microelectronic devices, etc.). We use rocking curve and high resolution reciprocal lattice mapping methods.

  • Density, interface roughness and thickness measurements using reflectometry in thin films including ultra-thin (a few nanometers) materials.

  • Grain and crystallite size determination in materials.

  • Texture, preferred orientation of grains in materials ranging from thin films to bulk metal structures.

  • Residual stress analysis (applicable, for instance, to coating and metallurgical applications).

  • Wafer compositional mapping and curvature measurements.

commercial x-ray analysis services, xrd, materials analysis, AFM, materials analysis, SPM, SEM
High-resolution x-ray diffraction reciprocal space mapping from a multilayer semiconductor structure on Si substrate typically used in high-speed microelectronic devices. A strained Si thin film was deposited on top of a relaxed SiGe alloy thick layer with composition variation. The relative position of the diffraction spots can be used to accurately determine the composition and strain status of each individual layer.

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